20 October 2011

Fountain {New & Improved}

I love to trial new things - review products. It’s fun and keeps life interesting.

Through my Samelia’s Mum blog, we (my family and I) are often invited to trial products. Products can range anywhere from food & drink, DVDs, electronic items, cleaning products, household products, magazines, shoes, swimwear, clothes… even a tropical island resort holiday in Vanuatu. I have to admit, that was pretty good.

Sometimes, the opportunity to trial products are in the form of actual events. It is a lot of fun and we love, love, LOVE it.

The kids an I were invited to attend a Kids Cooking Class courtesy of Fountain (tomato sauce). We were all set to go, but the night before, my little lady wasn’t well and so we had to cancel. My son was devastated. He’d been looking forward to it. He loves helping me cook and likes to pretend we’re on Masterchef.

Well, wasn’t he super surprised to receive this parcel in the post – addressed to him! He ran in and I was lucky to get a photo before he began ripping it open. (Notice the school uniform is still on).

Fountain Sauce 4

And in this parcel was a fabulous package - from Fountain Sauces.

Fountain Sauce 2

The package included this fantastic apron (which he’s trying on in the photo), BBQ implements and some of the new Fountain sauces to trial.

Did you know that Fountain has launched 2 new products – Fountain Tomato Sauce and Fountain Barbecue Sauce which are now 40% lower in sugar and 70% lower in salt.

Fountain Sauce 1

I have to admit that I’ve never actually thought about how much sugar and salt is in tomato sauce. My kids love tomato sauce and I really need to keep an eye on how much sauce they use. My son especially. He loves to squirt it onto the edge of his plate and dip everything into it.

The new Fountain Tomato and Barbecue Sauces contain substantially less of the bad stuff without compromising on taste. Fountain are so confident that the new products will deliver on taste, that they’re offering a money back guarantee. Visit for more information.

Here is Sammy, my little Masterchef, at the BBQ, cooking dinner with daddy. What is it about the male species and a BBQ? Seriously?!!?!?

Fountain Sauce 3

We just had to try out the new sauces that night… and they’re fantastic. What’s even better is knowing that they’re still the same great taste, but with less of the bad stuff.

Over to you…

Tomato Sauce or Barbecue Sauce?

Which do you prefer?


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, receive a bottle each of Fountain Tomato and Barbecue Sauce to trial and review. All opinions are my own or of my family, where applicable.


  1. Awesome! I bet he will grow up to be a chef. :)

    I like both barbecue and tomato.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    God bless and keep you,

  2. We have both in our pantry. :) Tomato is a must-have for pies, sausage rolls and hotdogs. I love corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches, and I love smokey barbecue sauce. :)
    It is good to know that they are cutting down on the sugar and salt, too.

  3. Tomato! And, coincidentally, have used "Fountain" all my life - that's what mum bought and I don't like the taste of other brands!! That's 50+ years of brand loyalty - do you think they'd like that? LOL

  4. I like bbq better than tomato sauce...but don't tell my hubby I said so lol :) Barb.


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