06 October 2011

Fisher-Price 80th Birthday + Giveaway

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There is a Fisher-Price, Little People Fire Truck over in the corner surrounded by a Farm and Aeroplane from this morning’s activities.


There is a phone hanging out of the toy chest and the Fisher-Price "Laugh and Learn” Table, waiting for replacement batteries when daddy gets home. It’s safe to say it has been a busy morning of playing in our house, and luckily Fisher-Price know what makes a great toy.

Fisher-Price toys have entertained me as a kid (my husband as well) and now my kids. They build toys that are made to last. I know this because my in-laws still have some toys in their toy box, which their children had and now the grandchildren still play with, when visiting.

My first memory of a Fisher-Price toy was a phone on wheels; you know the one with the big dial on the front and a string to pull it around. I used to drag it around the house and practice the art of making phone calls.

Why do I bring back these happy memories? Well Fisher-Price is celebrating 80 years of entertaining and educating children in Australia. I know their toys have helped my children’s development by creative learning and the use of their imagination.

Buying kids toys is always hard, especially for babies and toddlers, but you always know you are safe with a Fisher-Price toy. They have built a great reputation with mums everywhere as a brand that can be trusted to work and last. With 80 years’ experience that is a heritage you can rely on.

My daughter’s all-time favourite Fisher-Price toy is the Stride to Ride Lion. On her first Christmas, she received a Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Lion, which was a toy that was used for the next few years.


At first it was a great toy with buttons which made sounds, but as she grew it transformed with wheels into a push along lion to help her walking develop. Once she could walk she could then sit and ride the lion like a push along bike. Anytime you can find a toy that will suit a child through multiple stages of their growth it is fantastic and good value.

Have you visited the Fisher-Price Facebook page? Click on THIS link and go on over and “Like” the Fisher Price Facebook page. Go to the I remember Gallery and Community Giving tabs, vote and be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

So from me, my kids, my parents and generations to come, I want to say a great big HUGE, HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY FISHER-PRICE!!!!

And… to help celebrate, the wonderful people at Fisher Price are giving away two AWESOME prize packs which include the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Laptop and a Little People Lead Vehicle.


For your chance to win one of these great prize packs be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me:

What was your favourite Fisher-Price toy?
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If you don't have a google account, you can leave an anonymous comment but please include your email address so that I can contact you, if you're the winner.

This giveaway is open to Australian residents only.

Giveaway closes at midday on Friday, 14 October 2011.

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  1. Oh my favourite was the cash register for sure!

  2. So many! lol I still have my son's (he's now 29) Dump Truck. It was just too good to pass on. Now my Grandson plays with it. :)


  4. Hi, newest follower here!
    I still remember playing with the little record player with plastic disks - I loved that toy!

  5. For myself as a mum I lovd the "apple" It had such a happy face and the noise it made was lovely. My kids loved their music box and in those days if it broke FP replaced it. Even now I will buy gs a FP toy cause I know it is the best!!!!

  6. My favourite FP toy would have to be the chatter phone. I still have the one I bought for my kids and will be using it for the grandkids. Fisher Price is the only brand I will buy for my grandkids.

  7. I love the Rollin' Around Playground. Fun for big kids too!

  8. I remember playing with the little red record player with the records that slipped into the back. My mother must have been so sick of listening to it!! She recently moved and found it again but it wasn't working any more. My kids had no idea what it was.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I loved the fisher price baby doll...still looked good after years of playing!
    Penny S

  10. Shared it!
    Penny S

  11. I can remember dragging the telephone around as a child. And my boys love the Little People Farm Tractor.

  12. Oh the talking telephone for sure, we still have an ancient one that was my hubs when he was little!

  13. I remember the toy telephone always lots of fun with my sisters

  14. I am going to have to agree with you that the phone on wheels is a winner - I had one and come to think of it it is probably still in the toy storage at Mums. Note to self go looking for that next time we are home. Wow 80years that is impressive.

  15. All out favourite is my old stove that has burners that light up. Mine disappeared many years ago and I bought one for my children off ebay. They love it too.

  16. I loved playing with an aeroplane that you could put people inside - the old version of Little People I guess!

  17. The Activity Centre brings back a lot of memories for me. I used it to let mum know I had woken up from my sleep with a ding, whir, clatter, sproing! Better than crying anyday!

  18. Mine was the phone on wheels. Is so weird that my daughter wouldn't recognise a phone like that, she's only 1 and has only ever seen mobiles. Must get her a FP old-fashioned one!!

  19. We have a Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene that I love so much.

    The Little People toys were brilliant speech therapy tools for Heidi.

  20. Definately the Buzzy Bee, walking around the house with buzz, buzz, buzz following me evrywhere. Love it! Tracee xx

  21. I didn't have any Fisher-Price toys that I remember; unless they made my Sindy (a less curvy version of a fashion doll - very popular in the 60s).

    My grandson loves anything that has wheels! And if it doesn't, he'll still push it!

  22. Fisher Price toys are the kind that you don't get rid of, even when your kids grow out of them (just like Lego & Barbies IMHO).. my mum kept a FP Musical phone that was mine when I was about 5 and now my 3 & 5 year old play with it all the time when they visit their Nonna.

    It's so hard to choose just one favourite, so here are a few of mine:

    * Musical Cookie Jar
    * Chatter phone
    * Little People airport (my son LOVES this!) and infact my mum also kept the original FP "Little People" pre-cursor airplanes that my brother and I had... I can't begin to tell you how many hours we spent "flying" those around the house!

  23. I loved the chatter phone & in fact I still do, it was the first toy I bought for my daughter and she is now 3, its funny trying to explain to her that you used to have to "dial" a telephone, she is so used to just pressing the buttons lol

    Email is

  24. I loved the Fisher Price Cash Register the best - bills, tills and cheap thrills!

  25. We have a tub of little people that was given to us by friends as they packed house and moved up the north coast. Lily loves playing with them, she also loves playing with the telephone that we have kept through many moves as it is such a great toy, loves ringing daddy and telling him what she is doing at grandmas.
    I love most of fisher price toys

  26. Mine was the viewfinder! It was simply too magical and a sight to behold, befitting of a princess!

    Thanks for the opportunity

  27. I remember as a kid I had the telephone and I thought (from the commercials) that you could actually call the fireman and police man, I was a bit upset when I couldn't. I was actually looking for a fisher price coupon but was happy I found this post. Thanks


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