The Smurfs

 The Smurfs descended into our local cinema yesterday. It was an exciting kids event, though I have to say that the parents (who, like me, would have grown up watching The Smurfs on Saturday morning cartoons) were all just as excited to see what the modern day Smurfs looked like – in 3D!


There was face-painting, balloons and a gigantic jumping castle, set up in the foyer of the cinema complex. The kids jumped and jumped until it was time to go in.

Smurf 1

With choc top in hand and 3D glasses at the ready, we found our seats and settled in, ready to enjoy the film.

And we did. It was Smurf-tastic! Or should I say Smurf-alicious. It was just plain Smurfy!

I think this is a brilliant film with a lot of funny bits. My little man was sitting beside me and giggling hysterically throughout.

Hank Azaria was perfect as Gargamel and his cat Azrael was so cute and really funny. Katy Perry was the voice of Smurfette and the kids favourite Smurf.

I think this is a must-see film for the upcoming school holidays. It will be showing nationally on 15 September 2011.

View the Official Trailer for The Smurfs below:


  1. oh i can remember my kiddies watching the smurfs when they where little they are in there 30's now,lol

  2. I enjoyed that with my grandkids last week. I still have the collection of little Smurf dolls that my daughter got many years ago.


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