22 July 2011

Toys, toys, toys

Yesterday was the start of the Target Toy Sale. My little lady and I dropped off Master 5 at school and headed on over to our local Target store to check out the goodies.

Target Toy Sale 1

I’d been to the target website many times, to see what would be on the Christmas present shopping list for the kids and figured layby-ing my shopping online and then collecting it in August would be the easiest option.


The only problem with the online layby system is that it is only for toys. The catalogue includes other fantastic items on sale, for which, a trek to the store was needed.

Target Toy Sale 2

It was 8.50am and the 4 levels of car park seemed to be full – already. It was pouring with rain, but we did battle in the car park and were victorious!!! Somehow we managed to get a parking spot right in front of the door. A good sign, wouldn’t you agree?


Our mission was to get our hot little hands on portable DVD players for the car – they’re over half price. With our many car trips interstate and on driving holidays, the in-car DVD players are a necessity. Check this previous post about my love for these gadgets.

Target Toy Sale DVD


We joined the back of the queue at the sound and vision counter. On our way to the the counter, we picked up a Barbie CD/Radio player (as you do) and a Sonic Nintendo DS game for my son (it will be good as a little bit of bribery – I’m not above a bit of bribery for good behaviour).


Target Toy Sale 3

There were about 6 sales people serving, so the line kept moving quite quickly. After 1 hour and 3 minutes (yes I timed it) we got to the front of the line and got our goodies.


Mission successful!


How do you cope with long queues?

Or do you just “not-go-there”?


  1. I can't imagine waiting in line for over an hour!! I daydream when I have to wait very long in a line. It's the only way I can cope with being still for that long!

  2. I cope by avoiding shopping as much as possible!

  3. oooh, you are so patient ;-)
    I refuse to wait that long for anything ;-) Although I do confess to lining up for an hour for Neil Diamond tickets ;-)

  4. Our Target opened at 12:01am on Thursday morning and my hubby is a night owl, so I sent him off shopping and midnight after I'd gone to bed (he was happy to oblige).

    I'd already scoped out the store and knew where the three items I wanted for baby were, so I sent him straight down that aisle. Then I wanted a Wii game, which he queued an hour and a quarter for or was it 3/4?)!! I told him he shouldn't have bothered but he said you don't know how long it's going to be until you get into the line.

    Since we were only spending $100 on toys we didn't bother with the layby, just put it on the credit card, and I think he was thankful because the layby line was LOOOOOOONG.

    So now we have her Christmas toys sitting in the hall (she's not old enough to realise what they are) and I really want to open them up and have a play!! hahahahaha

  5. I find an Ipod and a good novel to listen to really helps with queues.

  6. I don't do the toy thing anymore but at BigW you could purchase and layby on line. How cool is that.

  7. shoppers really hate long queues but fret no more.. just shop online. :)

    we currently have a toy sale and the freight costs are FREE!

    Toy Guru: Australia's number 1 online toy store!

  8. LOL! Wow, I had it easy!!!
    I went in this afternoon - on a public holiday no less (Darwin Show Day today, so three-day weekend; though school only starts back on Monday so that doesn't really affect the children this year, lol).
    I walked in. Went to the counter which was right at the front of the store (for pre-layby on-line and big items) and placed the swing-set on layby straight away (paying almost half the cost too!) and then browsed the rest of the store for a birthday gift for tomorrow - for which I lined up for maybe 5mins to purchase.
    A great shopping experience - no less because DD was being looked after by my parents (she was asleep when I left) and then they'd taken her to the beach before I got home!!)

  9. I couldn't imagine waiting that long at Target! I love reading blogs from places so far away because I learn so much about different cultures! Is layby like lay-away? Lay-away is where you purchase something and the store holds it for you until a future date. You make payments on it each month and then pick it up several months later. Like for Christmas. They don't charge you interest on the item.


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