01 July 2011

A sneak peek & a winner

Well I'd hoped to have a new quilt all finished and ready to show you today... but sick kids have impaired my sewing time this week.

The winter school holidays start here today, which means that I'll have my little darlings at home with me 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. With my husband interstate for most of that time, the kids and I will have to think of some fun activities and outings, to make the most of their time at home.

So anyways, here is a little sneak peek of what I've been working on. With some luck, it'll be finished by Sunday. 

Do any of these blocks look familiar to any of you?


The winner of "The Little Engine That Could" DVD is Alicia. Congratulations Alicia!! Please check your inbox. Thanks to everyone who entered.


I received this media release today which I thought was worth mentioning here on my blog. I'd heard of Dry-July (no alcohol during July), but I hadn't heard of JulEYE.

Did you know that today is the first day of "JulEYE". The Eye Foundation, a not for profit organisation, is once again encouraging all Australians to get their eyes tested in July as part of it's annual JulEYE campaign.

Undetected vision problems are estimated to affect one in four Australian children. Parents need to be aware of the importance of children’s eye health and that regular eye checks are just as important to a young child’s overall health and well being as other regular health checks, therefore, good eye health begins with testing from birth.

For more information or to link to the Eye Foundation website please go to


  1. Oh - the quilt looks fantastic... sneaky peak and I can't wait to see it all...

  2. Hope you all have heaps of fun in the school holidays.

  3. It's gorgeous. I love the sashing and I can see a very familiar block.

  4. The quilt is going to be stunning!
    I'm not Australian but I had my eye exam yesterday! Don't want to lose my precious eye sight!!

  5. Your quilt looks fantastic!

    Thank you for the DVD. I can't wait to have a movie night with the kids to watch it. :-)

  6. At least with this beautiful weather you can take them to the beach or the park and let them run around for a while! Isn't it gorgeous today?

    I had my eyes tested in the middle of June but thanks for reminding me to remind my husband!

  7. Congratulations Alicia Hugs Naomi


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