19 July 2011

Back to School

I just dropped off my 2 little ones to their respective schools and I have the next 5 hours free.

All to myself.

I can do anything I want.

In peace and quiet.

I know I was looking forward to the school holidays a couple of weeks ago - remember THIS post? But geez it’s nice to get back into the school time routine.

The kids dragged themselves out of bed this morning and complained that they didn’t want to go, but soon enough, uniforms were on and they were happy to see all of their friends in the playground. The bell rang and this old mum, skipped out of the school gate.

Which do you prefer – the routine and structure of school time OR the end of term holidays?


Thanks to everyone who entered the Disney Junior DVD Giveaway. It was alot of fun reading your kids party ideas.

The DVD winners are:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse : Road Rally – Jessica
Minnie’s Bow-tique - Margarita
Handy Manny : Manny’s Big Race - Kate

Congratulations!!! I’ll be in touch shortly.


  1. This is not a fair questions because I am a high school teacher! Of course I love the holiday breaks much better than school :) I only have 27 days of vacation left :( But, once school gets in full swing, I'm happy to be back, working with the kids again because I laugh out loud every single day--usually at one of the kids and the funny things they say and do! I do love my job.

  2. Ah school days - mine and my DD's are far behinfd me; my grandsons' are still a few years ahead!

    It was nice to lie in bed yesterday morning and remember that my colleagues had returned to work (TAFE) yesterday and I had six months of freedom stretching out in front of me(not enough work this semester).

  3. Congratulations to the winners.
    I look forward to the school holidays when they start and look forward to them ending after the first 3 or 4 days. I love having some time to myself but the time goes by way to quickly for me.

  4. I enjoy both. The routine of school is nice, but the lack of routine of holidays is also a lovely treat. :)

  5. I enjoy both... but am really enjoying having no routine right now... but we've only been off for nearly 3 weeks (including a holiday weekend, 6 day intensive dance/band camp, highland games, and the past week...) so I haven't gotten tired of them yet. I'm sure by Mid-August I'll be ready to ship them back to school!

  6. My younges has just finished school forever!! He now has the joy of joining the real world. I am quite sad that all 3 of mine are grown. I used to love the thought of having them home during holidays and then loving the thought of them going back to school! (Probably more than I should!) Sue x

  7. Is that me?! My boys will love that one!

  8. I love back to school fever. Student excited to see friends and classmate.


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