27 May 2011

Raggs Musical Preschool DVD - Giveaway

If you have preschoolers + Foxtel or Austar you'll be pleased to know that the five colourful canines from the “Raggs” rockin’ TV series are back and can be found on Boomerang channel, 9am weekdays.

My son thinks he's too cool and too old for Raggs, but my little lady (3 year old), thinks that singing and dancing dogs are AWESOME!! 

We're lucky enough to have Austar where we live and the Boomerang channel at home, so when it's just us 2 girls, we like to have a groove and boogy without being disturbed.

“Raggs” stars five high-energy, dogs and their wise-cracking pet cat named Dumpster. Each half- hour show focuses on a preschool theme, which is played out in live stories in the clubhouse, music videos, concerts, cartoons and interviews with real kids.  Produced in Sydney, Australia, the series boasts an incredible library of shows and over 200 original songs.

Boomerang can be found on Foxtel and Austar satellite and cable channel 715 and others. In addition, the “Raggs” TV series is also supported by live events and concerts which are held around the country.  For more information, TV schedules, events and games, visit

Would you (or your preschooler) like to win the Raggs - Move Your Tails! DVD?

Just a comment with your answer to this question:

What is your preschoolers favourite television show? 

Open to Australian residents only
Giveaway closes 31 May 2011 

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, get to keep a copy of the DVD to review it. All opinions are my own of my family, where applicable. 


  1. My nephew loves the waybaloooss

  2. Rhiannons fav is Little Princess and thats because she is so naughty all the time...
    Isaac's fav is raggs he like s to wiggle

    Cheers Geniene

  3. My kids fav tv shows are Raggs and the Wiggles.

  4. My daughter loves Peppa Pig. (Dad didn't think it was so funny when she started calling him Daddy Pig)

  5. All 5 of my kids love Dora and Diego! I'm pretty sure I fall asleep every night singing those songs!

  6. Without a doubt, the Wiggles!

  7. My son loves The Cat in the Hat (newest version, you can find episodes on

  8. My youngest little GS loves all the shows and no doubt the Wiggles are his fav, but would love this one too. When he gets a favourite he will watch it over and over and over again...I reckon he would remember every word and song and action in them :) hugs Vicki ss

  9. At the moment he loves anything Diego, but that could change by next week. :)

  10. My daughter's absolute favourite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but Raggs is fairly close behind :)


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