17 May 2011

A Confession

I have a confession to make...

I'm a giveaway-aholic.

I enter competitions left, right and centre. Whether it's online blog giveaways, giveaways on twitter or facebook, competitions in magazines or newspapers, or even calling up the radio station to win tickets to sporting or entertainment events. I send SMS's. I write 25 words or less. I subscribe to newsletters. I save barcodes.
In saying this, I only enter to win prizes that I (or my family) would actually like or use.

I'm currently collecting entries from my local newspaper to win a $10,000 holiday. I hope to have them all filled in and dropped into the barrel on Friday. Seriously! I will go out of my way to enter a competition. 

But you know what? The big prize always goes to someone else. The "car" or the "years supply of toilet paper" or the "cleaner for a year" never come to my place. 

My husband thinks that you only have a certain amount of luck and you shouldn't use it all on little prizes - only go for the big ones.

I don't know why I love entering stuff so much. I guess it's something to look forward to? A little bit of excitement and hope never hurt anyone, especially as it doesn't really cost anything to enter... other than time of course.

Will I stop entering competitions or giveaways any time soon?

Not likely.

Do you have a confession you'd like to share? Are you a giveaway-aholic like me?


  1. I share the same passion for entering competitions too. Anticipating a win is heaps of fun, even if it never comes to fruition.

  2. I did that too! Sadly there are not so many comps around over here any more. I did win a very expensive sideboard in a magazine comp once.... and a state of the art food mixer but never the 'big' one! ;)) Remember... "you've got to be in it to win it"... good luck!

  3. I try to enter only giveaways that I actually want to win....I mean why enter a giveaway for something you don't want!
    But hasn't there been some great giveaways lately?!

  4. I think positive people like to enter competitions/give aways. They think it's possible to win where as negative people don't enter because they think they will never win anyway. And guess what, they are right. One day, the big one will come your way; mark my word ;). Keeping my fingers crossed for that trip.

  5. I enter lots of giveaways, too. Lately I've become more particular about which ones I enter, though - I figure if I don't LOVE the prize, why don't I skip it, upping the odds for someone who will. It would be cool to win something BIG someday! ;)

  6. Since I started following a lot of blogs this year, I have entered heaps of giveaways, and have won a few too. It is exciting to win something, and like you, I never enter in any that have a prize I could not use or have someone to give it to.
    I usually try to enter our local radio station once a week movie pass giveaway (phone in)- you have to be quick off the mark, but I have won a few times. I have had a couple of giveaways as I felt the need to give something back to my fellow bloggers. I hope the giveaways continue.... :0)

  7. My husband says the exact same thing - that I'm "using up" our lottery luck by winning bloggy giveaways. Doesn't stop me entering them, though. :)

  8. I won a car on a 25 cent raffle ticket that my dad bought and put my name on when I was six years old. It was a yellow Metropolitan Nash convertible. I gave it to my mother for her birthday which was a week or two later. She drove it for ten years, then sold it. I never got to drive it. I never won another thing until I started entering giveaways on blogs. Now my luck has returned! I'm not as addicted as you though I don't think. :) I received my hexie from you today. It is lovely - thanks! I'll blog about it probably on Friday.


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