I love Survivor

I love Survivor. You know the show with Jeff Probst and torches and tribal council and challenges and hungry, dirty people.

I know - I'm a dag. I've watched all of the seasons except for 1 and am hoping that one day they'll be repeated on telly.

So in saying all of this, I joined a Survivor Fantasy League this year... yes, as I said, I'm a dag.
And the best part is - I'm on top of the league ladder - for the second week running.

Now if only was this good at picking the winning lotto numbers...


  1. I haven't watched much Survivor, a few episode years ago is about it. My fav reality tv shows at the moment are So you think you can Dance Masterchef but these aren't on at the moment. So, I'm really digging Mike & Molly and Farmer wants a wife now!

  2. So you think you can Dance Masterchef - wouldn't that be funny LOL! there should be an 'and' in there!

  3. I love Survivor too! I always have to make sure I have a hand sewing project ready that will last me through the whole series!

  4. We used to watch it when the kids were still at home (Friday night was always special ;) but I haven't seen it for a few years now. Is it still the same format? I hope you'll win something nice if you keep your number one position!

  5. I love survivor and I've watched every single episode - all seasons. The first episode of this season had me laughing so hard.


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