25 March 2011

Book Bargains + a winner

This weekend is the Lifeline Autumn book fair. It's on from Friday to Sunday - but if you want to snap up the "good stuff", Friday morning is the time to be there. I showed up at 9:45am for the 10am opening and found that there were about 200 people ahead of me in the queue.

Luckily for me, I'm an old hand at this book fair caper, so I knew exactly where to go to find what I wanted. The textiles table. There were only a couple of ladies there, so I put my shopping bag down and picked up all of the quilting books I found. Once I had them in my grasp, I could then have a look at what I actually wanted to buy :-)

I ended up buying this pile books:

I saw this book with this little old lady on the front cover and couldn't resist. It's a lovely scene isn't it? Hand quilting in front of a fire on a rainy old day.

I also bought these magazines...

This copy of Australian Homespun magazine is Volume 1 - No 1. Their first ever issue. What a fantastic find!!!

All in all a morning of rummaging through thousands of books :-) I'll probably go back on Sunday because it's 1/2 price day. I'm a sucker for a bargain. Can you tell?

Today I also put together what is going to be a wall hanging... or perhaps a table runner... or maybe a cushion... I'm not sure just yet. I think the Easter eggs need more embellishments. A few beads and sequins should jazz them up.

I'm going to put this pattern as a download onto my blog, so you can make your own Easter wall hanging... if you want to, that is :-)

Okay, now it's time to announce the winner of my "Share the Love" giveaway. I was so pleased with the response to this giveaway and loved reading all of your messages.

The majority of you liked the 2nd prize so I had to keep 'generating' numbers until one with a preference for #1 appeared.

Winner of prize # 1 is

Winner of prize # 2 is

Send me an email (sameliasmum at with your details and I'll have these on the way to you soon.

Because this giveaway was so much fun, keep an eye out for another one coming up in the next few weeks.

Happy Friday everyone xo


  1. I am GOBSMACKED!!!! I've won another giveaway!!! Where do I line up for the lottery!!!

  2. OH! I didn't realise it was this weekend! Might pop in there tomorrow.

  3. Oh - fabulous I LOVE a good second hand book. I haunt op-shops for them. Congratulations to the lucy winners too :)

  4. Where do they hold there book fair, I have a spring on that happens in September near me in Smeaton Grange. A day out on Sunday to sunny Wollongong sounds like fun for half price books.

  5. Congrats to the winners!!! :)
    Anorina, that book fair sounds abfab. You got some great bargains and maybe some more soon? :0)

  6. Congrats to the winners and oh no! you have just made me think how good it would be to go to the book fair in Brisbane when it happens and get some quilting mags. I haven't been for several years because I haven't had anything that I really wanted to look for. Thanks,I think :)

  7. Congrats to both lucky winners. Well done and ThaNks to Samelias mum! :)

  8. Well done winners. Your book finds are BRILLIANT. It's special having a 1/1 magazine - haven't the look of magazines changed so much, and the fabrics, but the basics of patterns is still quite similar...


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