Show and tell

It's been a busy week here, yet again. Running around after the kids plus this week was extra special because it was my wedding anniversary. Samelia's Dad and I have been married for 5 years now so we celebrated by going to see "Jersey Boys" which was wonderful.

I'm looking forward to school holidays, but I can just see that once they start and the kids are at home wanted to be entertained, I'll be wishing for back to school activities to resume.

I've finished a beautiful baby girl quilt this week and am soooooooooooo pleased with how it turned out. 

Baby Love - designed by Susan Branch - RJR Fabrics

I've also been working on another custom order for baby boy twins. The bunny fabric is absolutely adorable.

This is how the bunny quilts are going:

From this

Cut down to this
Then some of this was added
Some of these were added
These came next
... and this is how it looks right now
I'm just waiting to hear back from the lady who ordered the quilts on whether she wants them 'exactly' the same or whether the bunny's can be in a different order.

I think it looks cute and is a lovely quilt for a baby boy. He can dream of one day becoming a fisherman, and astronaut, professional ice skater or a pilot :-D

Ciao for now xo


  1. Hi, both our baby quilts are amazing! So cute...

    By the away, thanks for you help on the The Wish Quilt. I didn't know that blog and I loved it!
    I still trying to find the other to patterns, but I've got so many ideas to make for this Xmas that I don't know if I'll have enough time for all! Anyway, I've just got a Homespun subscription and I hope ask for these past issues.
    Thanks again!
    Ciao, bella.

  2. Happy anniversary and your quilts are sooooo adorable.

  3. I love both of the baby quilts. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. What a wonderful anniversary going to see Jersey Boys you would have been rocking in your chairs oh and Happy Anniversary. I just love both the girl and boy quilts just beautiful.


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